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About Me

Daniel Kriozere

Product Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by day, independent startup scout, analyst, consultant, and writer by night.

I’ve been living and breathing the “give first” mentality in the climate sector for the last 3 years. This started by working with Powerhouse Ventures, meanwhile volunteering organizing and facilitating Techstars Startup Weekends. This led to my involvement with Cleantech Open and One World Training & Investments.

Earlier in 2020, I participated in John Gannon’s GoingVC Program to formalize my learnings in venture capital. This program enabled me to start sourcing startups, which allowed me to reflect on the climate funding landscape.

I discovered that founders in the sector needed assistance understanding which firms would be a perfect fit for them, in addition to realizing that fundraising is a numbers game – and fundraising in the climate sector is even harder.

As a result, my mission is to help as many climatetech startups succeed as possible:

  • I have connected with 300+ startups and 250+ investors
  • I facilitated 400+ introductions
  • Investments were made in 20+ startups
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